Welcome to our homepage. Unfortunately our website offers much information about HIV and AIDS only in German. But as an overview we give you the most important information here.

We at Aids-Hilfe Dresden e.V. offer comprehensive services.

Please see below:

  • any queries with regard to HIV/AIDS

  • support and monitoring of people living with HIV/AIDS

  • promotion of self-help activities

  • prevention of HIV/AIDS for the youth

  • training for teachers and medical staff

  • information for M.D.’s

  • internships for volunteers, students (require social, sociological course)

  • distribution of condoms and pamphlets

Getting a HIV/AIDS test:

Our clients, who are seeking for an HIV/AIDS test, we refer to: Dresden department of health (Beratungsstelle für AIDS und Sexual übertragbare Krankheiten – Aidsberatung). Consulting hours are tuesday and thursday 8-12 and 14-18 hrs and friday 8-12 hrs. NB!!! Testing is confidential, no cost to get tested. For more information visit: www.dresden.de/aids

Contact information:

Aids-Hilfe Dresden e.V.
Bischofsweg 46
01099 Dresden

Telephone: 0351 44 161 41
info @ aidshilfe-dresden.de

Nationwide telephone consultation: 0180 33 19 411 calls charged at country rates.

Consulting hours:

  • monday’s 8-12 and 13-18 hrs

  • tuesday’s 8-12 hrs

  • thursday’s 13-18 hrs

Outside consulting hours by appointment.

Thank you for visiting our homepage. We hope, we could help you. For further information please contact us.

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